Being a Member of the ALRV

The Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V. (ALRV), organiser of the World Equestrian Festival, CHIO Aachen, is a non-profit association with long tradition. In 1898 it was founded by Arnold Deden, Gustav Rensing, Hubert Wienen and some local farmers and merchants (click here for more information regarding the ALRV's history). Currently the association has about 600 individual members and 30 member companies who through their membership demonstrate their deep bond with the ALRV and the CHIO Aachen. Click here for the Articles of Association of the Aachen-Laurensberger Rennverein e.V.

The ALRV-membership embraces several advantages, among others the gratis distribution of the quarterly ALRV-Newspaper and the biannual CHIO-Magazine, a season ticket for the standing area and, on demand, a season parking ticket for the CHIO Aachen as well as an invitation to the annual General Assembly including the right to vote.

Do you also want to become a member of the ALRV and thereby demonstrate your support for the association and the CHIO Aachen? Then please click here.

ALRV-Newspaper for ALRV-Members and CHIO-Volunteers

Exclusively for its members, employees and volunteers, the ALRV regularly produces the "ALRV-Newspaper" with current information on the association and the CHIO Aachen. Editions that have been published so far can be downloaded below:

ALRV-Newspaper No. 11 (October 2010) (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 10 (May 2010) (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 9 (December 2009) (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 8 (September 2009) (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 7 (June 2009) English (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 7 (June 2009) (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 6 (March 2009) English (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 6 (March 2009) (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 5 (December 2008) English (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 5 (December 2008) (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 4 (September 2008) English (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 4 (September 2008) (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 3 (June 2008) (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 2 (March 2008) (PDF)

ALRV-Newspaper No. 1 (December 2007) (PDF)